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Getting you the Right Mortgage means that we take the time to understand your situation and your needs, and use our expertise and knowledge to help you make the Right Mortgage decision. There are hundreds of different mortgage products out there – and the choices you make could save you thousands of dollars and take years off your mortgage. Let a qualified Mortgage Alliance Professional take care of your needs;

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Across the country, ordinary Canadians are building personal wealth with investment property.

The market is clearly there. In fact, the investment property market continues to be strong in most markets in Canada, with a steady supply of renters for residential, commercial and retail properties.

An investment property is also being increasingly viewed as a pension plan for the future, particularly since so many Canadians are not covered by workplace plans. Over the long term, an investment property can be a great source of retirement funds. Rental income typically pays for most or all expenses and property appreciation has often outperformed stocks and bonds over the long term.

Savvy first-time buyers are often jumping in with both feet: purchasing a duplex or triplex, and then managing the additional units to pay down the mortgage while they make a start on home ownership. And parents who add up the cost of accommodations for their college-bound children are often deciding to be landlords themselves – since they know at least one of the tenants very well, and they see an opportunity to offset the cost of housing with a sound investment.

There are many reasons to consider investing in property. If you are thinking about building wealth with an investment property, talk to us. We can help you determine your downpayment options and run the financial calculations that you’ll want to see for cash flow and capital appreciation.


If you’re carrying high-interest credit card debt that has caused your cash flow to slow to a trickle, you owe it to your financial future to have a conversation about how you can roll that debt into your mortgage so you can save – sometimes thousands in interest – and start building wealth. Worried about penalties? Don’t think it can make much difference? Think again. Using today’s historically low mortgage rates, you have a golden opportunity to give yourself a tremendous financial boost. By using your home equity to consolidate your debt, you can improve monthly cash flow, have one easy payment, and be mortgage-free quicker.

Look at this example from a recent client (mortgage, car loan and credit cards totaled $225,000; we rolled that debt into a new $233,000 mortgage, which included a fee to break the existing mortgage):

That’s $956 LESS each month!

Make this the start of a new financial life. We’d love to help you crunch some numbers to see what kind of life you could be living! Talk to us about scheduling a free, no-obligation review of your situation. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.